Friday, May 3, 2013

Like Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter, Willingly and Unknowingly

I just saw this. It amazes me how the journalists whose duty it is to give us our news is (1) either so grossly uneducated about what the communist flag is or what it even represents, or (2) she is so intellectually dishonest in trying to cover the May Day event.

Either way, this is the type of journalism that is happening around the country, and is extremely detrimental to our society.

And if that is not bad enough, she is absolutely unwilling to engage and attempt to understand what the guy recording is trying to say. Please stop thinking that the mainstream media has any real resemblance to properly informing you. You must do your homework and go to reputable news sources. I have some links on my blog. There are many others.

Of course, the larger issue is about conflicting worldviews. We need more people to stand for the utmost of moral truth, and this can only be done by Christians.

Recently, a certain seminary professor said that if we end up becoming a totalitarian state, then so be it... I was amazed at that response and how willing he was in practice to so easily concede to being a sheep being led to the slaughter.

When did it ever become acceptable to simply allow those to abuse the authority that God gave them (Rom 13), and simply give up and roll over without attempting to push back or fight for truth?

When did it ever become acceptable for us as Christians, who have the revealed law of God, to simply allow others to continue to sin, murder and abuse others created in God's image and not shine the light of the Gospel and the wonderful standard of the law of Christ to those around us?

The video is here.

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