Thursday, August 15, 2013

Investigation into R2K.

     The RCUS is a small continental reformed denomination. When I was visiting Nebraska, I visited a RCUS church, and I somehow got to talking with the pastor about R2K. 
      He generally told me that the RCUS is a "1K" denomination (and more kuyperian, as opposed to theonomic), although he suspected that there may be some closeted "R2K-ers". He also said that most ministers in the RCUS tend to be amill, while he specifically was post-mil. As a matter of fact, he got his MDIV from Bahnsen Theological Seminary, and studied under Bahnsen himself. 
     One of the classis (presbytery-equivalent) of the RCUS wrote a report on the doctrine of R2K, and it lays out a pretty good summary of the R2K doctrine as held by Meredith Kline (arguably the forefather of the R2K movement), and Van Drunen and Horton. I am a little surprised that RS Clark was not mentioned at all but I think that the essence of this erroneous doctrine was captured quite clearly by examining the other three men. 
     Pastor McAtee posted the relevant portion of the classis report on his blog, and the gist of the RCUS viewpoint is that the doctrine is quite a concern for its various theological points, and further study by the classis was recommended. 
     I find this to be step in the right direction. Although the RCUS is not as big as, say, the PCA, I still think that it should have enough influence that other presbyterian / reformed denominations would be able to take notice that this effort is going on (such as the URC). I doubt that the PCA will ever produce a report like this, given the fact that they can't even properly denounce aberrant doctrines of creationism (i.e. theistic evolution), or even something just as obvious as federal vision. \
     May the RCUS continue in this bold way and denounce it for the dangerous and cowardly doctrine that it is, while the PCA and sadly, even the OPC, have not only tolerated it but have fully accepted it in certain presbyteries. 

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