Thursday, August 15, 2013

A fraud of the worst kind.

If you have been keeping any sort of passive watch on the whole homosexuals in the military issue, you probably have come across the name of Lt. Dan Choi. Here is a picture of him.

He is a West Point graduate, fluent in Arabic, an infantry officer, an Iraq war veteran, and homosexual. He made a big deal about it by announcing his homosexuality on the Rachel Maddow show, here. And he is a very eloquent and powerful orator. 

He is probably one of the most outspoken and passionate supporters of homosexual rights and for the repeal of DADT. 

Anyone who has not been in the military would be easily impressed by his seemingly solid educational, professional and military qualifications. And of course, he milks it for all its worth, detailing his troubles for being homosexual and in the military. Of course, this is to highlight the unfairness of DADT and how outstanding officers like him live in the shadows because of DADT. 

And through the Rachel Maddow show (herself a lesbian), he announces who he really is and subsequently, he gets kicked out of the military. To any average person, this would seem like an immense travesty of obscenely epic proportions. 

How can such outstanding warrior possibly kicked out for something as minor as his sexual preference!?!?!?!?!?

This post is not about the direct issue of DADT or homosexuals in the military, although it can easily be about that. And really, this particular post should resonate with those that were for the repeal of DADT. 

Lt. Dan Choi is the perfect example of utter media bias, and totally slanting the scales to his favor to make his position seem noble and righteous. I will attempt to show you that he is nothing but a big fraud and that this should be a warning to anyone from whatever side of DADT you come down on. 

1) You will notice that Dan Choi's rank is 1st Lt. As you come out of West Point, you are commissioned as a 2nd Lt. (Paygrade of Officer 1, O1). Therefore, his paygrade at the time that he went on Maddow's show is O2 (1st Lt).
While most people wouldn't think anything of this, I caught on to this immediately. 
If you notice, he graduated West Point in 2003, and he went on to the Maddow show in 2009. In the area of military promotions, if you are an O1, in almost exactly 2 years, you will make O2.. And, unless you serious were extremely poor in your performance or got a DUI or accidentally killed someone, you will make O3 (Army Captain) two years after you made O2. 
So, by May 2007, Dan Choi should have been Captain Dan Choi, and not Lt Dan Choi. 
It is convenient that no one ever has brought this up. How could such a super soldier like Choi have gotten passed over for O3? Remember, he didnt announce his homosexuality until 2009, well after 2007 when he should have made O3. 

Again, the only way that he could not have made O3 is if he had some of really really egregious performance problems, got a DUI or killed someone accidentally. 

2) You would also hear that he is a "combat veteran" from the Iraq war. Really? How could one possibly tell whether a soldier has been in combat? In the military, you can tell by the particular decorations that that person is wearing on his uniform. In the Navy and Marine Corps, it is simply a ribbon called the Combat Action ribbon. 
In the Army, it is an actual badge, either the Combat Action badge (for non-infantry soldiers) or the Combat Infantryman badge (infantry).. Basically, you must have been actually engaging the enemy (taking fire and returning fire) in order to rate the CIB. What does Dan Choi have on his uniform? 
435 × 580 -
You will notice that he does NOT have the CIB on his uniform. It would be the top badge above his rectangle ribbons on his left breast. 

3) Typically, when you attend a service academy, you incur a ~5 year obligation for all of the money that they spent on you. He transferred in 2008 to the reserves. But what is strange is that he STILL is a 1st Lt in the reserves and has not been promoted after O2. Usually, when you go into the reserves after having been passed over, you usually promote to the next rank in the reserves. 

So, while I don't doubt his ability in speaking Arabic (he is actually very good), a little digging into his military history would yield a person who has never been in combat, and performed so poorly or did something so stupid that he couldnt get promoted to O3, and couldnt even get promoted in the reserves.. Keep in mind also that he came in during the height of the Iraq war when infantry officers were in high demand, and promotions to O3 were very robust.. (~over 90% selection)... 

Funny how the media doesn't mention any of this. Again, regardless of your position on DADT, Dan Choi, while seeming to be the poster child warrior victim of DADT, was nothing but a big fraud who couldnt get promoted during a time of over 90% promotion rate, and has never been in combat while touting himself as a combat veteran. 

That's like having Michael Horton doing all of this White Horse Inn ministry stuff and then we all find out later that he never actually got a PhD, all the while touting his academic and theological credentials.

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