Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Historial Theological Background on (R)2K

From the Bayly blog, Mr. Darell Maurina wrote a fairly lengthy article on the historical-theological background and implications of (R)2K.

It is a little long, but it does give excellent background on the issue. Mr. Maurina strengths obviously lie in this discipline, and as such, he did not examine this issue from an exegetical/philosophical perspective. He touches upon it only very briefly.
I need to strengthen my history, and my personal preference gravitate more towards the exegetical/philosophical perspective.

And this is good in some ways because different people bring different things to the table. More the merrier..

It is worth reading, very gracious, very even handed, and yet bold where it needs to be..

So, please find the time to read through Mr. Maurina's article, here.

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