Monday, April 8, 2013

Putting things into perspective

Bahnsen had some choice and visibly frustrated words to say. I can understand his frustration, here.

"If you sincerely try to stand against the slide into the cesspool of wickedness in our state, and in our culture by looking for a consistent biblical position from which you can witness against the disgrace all around us, (as many of us have found), you’ll lose your job within the seminary community. You’ll lose your standing in the Church establishment. You’ll virtually become unemployable — even if your orthodox. You’ll become ostracized. You’ll be called ‘dangerous.’

What’s wrong with us?! That theonomists are dangerous when we have to lock our windows at night?! It’s crazy isn’t it?

How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn’t see?

Of all the wicked heresies and threatening movements facing the Church in our day, when Westminster Seminary finally organized their faculty to write something in unison, they gave their determined political efforts:
not to fight Socialism, 
not to fight homosexuality, 
not abortion, 
not crime and mayhem in our society, 
not subjectivism in theology, 
not Dispensationalism, 
not cultural relativism, 
not licentiousness, 
not defection from the New Testament, 
not defection from the Westminster Confession of Faith,

all of which are out there and they could give their legitimate efforts to. 

Boy, the thing they had to write about was ‘Theonomy.’

How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he doesn’t see?!

We are living in the cesspool of relativism and the Church doesn’t have an answer! Well, I praise God, not for my work, I think that it is the grace of God that allows me to have this ministry, but I praise God that the truth that the early Church knew and that is found in the Bible and is available to us and there are people like you who were willing to pay the price and say, ‘it’s worth it'"

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