Saturday, April 13, 2013

We as a nation and as the Church are killing ourselves

I received this quote from a friend. I responded back to him that I felt that this was painfully relevant. 

"Wearing a benign mask, the secularist loudly proclaims his commitment to religious tolerance on behalf of those weak minded souls who still cannot bear to face a hostile or, worse, an indifferent universe, without the narcotic effect of ecclesiastical opium. The church is safe from vicious persecution at the hands of the secularist, as educated people have finished with stake burning circuses and torture racks. No martyr's blood is shed in the secularist West--so long as the church knows her place on her modern reservation. Let the babes pray and sing and read their Bibles, continuing steadfast in their intellectual retardation; the church's extinction will come not by sword or pillory, but by the quiet death of irrelevance. It will pass away with a whimper not a bang. But let the church step off the reservation, let her penetrate once more the culture of the day and the Janus-face of secularism will change from benign smile to savage snarl" (Christian Apologetics, R.C. Sproul, pg. 4). 

Why do we as the church willingly let ourselves do this? Why do we so easily capitulate to the world, when we are the ones who have THE eternal salvific, meta-ethical and epistemological truth?

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