Monday, April 22, 2013

Indoctri Nation

I recently found this, and it should peak everyone's interest. Of course, the preview is a little in your face. But, given the subject matter, it is warranted.

May each Christian family strive very hard to really understand that the assault on Christianity comes in many forms. The assault from public schools, though more subtle, is no different.

The website is here, the main youtube site here.

What is especially alarming is the quick video clip at time  0:49-0:57.

Robert Ziegler is interviewed in this movie. He is the math teacher that got fired in Nebraska for talking about religion and Christianity in class, here.
I think that this particular case is a little tricky for several reasons. I commend the fact that Ziegler is very upfront about his faith and sharing it with his students. At the same time, he knew what he was getting himself into, and knew that he could get fired for what he did.

There are situations where it is actually detrimental to be so "pushy" and there are many instances in my own experiences that can attest to that. Try being pushy with your unbelieving family members, and see how that goes.

At what point can we say that Ziegler was being simply "faithful" vs. "pushy"? I personally cannot say. However, regardless of whether he was pushy or not, I think that this does serve to prove the point that the secular realm will force you out if you are too outspoken about Christ.

Are there times that we are called to be patient and not pushy? Yes.. Are there times where we are called to be outspoken, and pushy? YES!

Don't simply look at this case as "Oh.. He was pushy... and therefore he got fired" to lead you to say that being "pushy" is always bad.

Not being personally involved in this situation, I just have to trust that Ziegler was being led by God to do the things that he did. Pushy aside, he had great faith and courage for doing what he did (how many of us can say the same?) and I commend him for his courage and love for his students.

The most loving thing that you can do for a person is not always the most appreciated.



  1. There is a state-sanctioned religion being advanced in schools today, and it is secular humanism. That is the new establishment, and if you go so far as to stand out in opposition, you will be persecuted.

    One of the advantages I enjoyed as a private school teacher was that we could actually have open dialogue in my Biology class about any topic that related to genetics and evolution. If we would have had those same discussions in a public school, I'd have been fired and any student expressing a non-Darwinist view would quickly get the gag.