Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Put your money where your mouth is.

I came across this post today, and it was encouraging and rebuking at the same time. It reminded me even more about how important it is to work out your worldview. If one claims to be a theonomist with no action, he is about the same as the Christian who has absolutely no interest in doing anything. I will be moving to the East Coast soon, and this post gave me even more motivation to join the church that I have been eye-ing, and start volunteering in their ministries, and leave on a "good note" with my current church.

What are some practical ways that you can work out your faith (and worldview) with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12)?
Any issue that you see come up that would have applications to the gospel, you could ask your pastor to bring this up in congregational prayer, or even preach about it.
Or organize a group or a ministry within your church that focuses on love and mercy ministry.. What does love and mercy mean?
It could be evangelism at the local shopping center or college, right to life walks, "skeptics" nights in which you invite atheists or those weak in the faith to have a discussion, letter writing to various government officials, petitions against or for certain laws, having a son-father club and a mother-daughter club at your church, election day services, even updating your church website to make it more professional looking.
On an individual basis, that of course means blogging and other things that you are already probably doing. Most importantly, it also means to continue in godly family worship with your family.

Here is the original article here, and below.

Fear of Failure

With so many Christians professing to be Reconstructionists, why is so little being accomplished?
While I admit there may be many reasons for this I think there is one that leads the pack, which must be faced if the Kingdom of God is to be advanced in our life time.

Writing is Easy
It is easy to write and pontificate about Theonomy and Christian Reconstruction and do nothing to apply it. It is also east to tell others what needs to be done without actually doing it yourself. To sequester Theonomy and the principles of Christian Reconstruction to the written or spoken word is to make void that very word . Talking is not doing. By its very definition Theonomy is to be an applied reality. It needs to be set forth in application into the events of history, beginning with local communities.

The reason why not much is actually accomplished  in the name of Theonomy and Christian Reconstruction  is fear of failure. While ignorance of Theonomic Reformation strategies may play a part, fear may be the real culprit.
battle_of_monmouthThink about it this way. Theonomists and Reconstructionists want to believe that the concepts of Biblical Theonomic Reconstruction hold the solutions to our unraveling societal order. I hold to this idea as well. Yet, too many believe that simply discussing these concepts without injecting them into the social order is enough to make changes. This can never work.

Since talk is cheap, and concepts can be discussed without any measurable negative blowback or failure, every strategy and tactic seems glorious. However, until these strategies are put into the culture they remain merely conceptual. Theonomic Christian Reconstruction strategies and logistics must be tried. They must be applied and their impact measured. Just because Biblical solutions are needed does not automatically translate into our knowing on how to apply them to every situation. We are all still on a learning curve. We must begin testing our logistics in the laboratory of the societal order.
Leadership is about overcoming fear. It is about having enough confidence in the concepts to actually get out and apply them. Christendom must stop talking and get moving. The application of faith is the test of faith.

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