Monday, April 1, 2013

Educating Your Kids in Public Schools?

     There is always this raging debate amongst Christians about whether to homeschool vs. private school vs. public school etc...
And the debates can get pretty heated.
     It's not very helpful to simply say "You are sinning if you are sending your kids to public school." If the person you are talking to doesn't even understand the even more fundamental issues about what education is, and how one's worldview affects how the child is educated, he will never understand why you are making that statement.
     What is the real issue then? The issue is understanding that the purpose of educating our children isnt simply to shove facts in their brains. But the primary purpose of education is really disciple-ship and raising up our children to be godly, logically-thinking, and biblically-minded men and women of God who can worship God properly, and their loving actions and works are properly framed within that Christian worldview.
     As Gary Demar discusses, how can expect our children to develop this worldview if for almost 20,000 hours between 1st grade and 12th grade, our children are being taught not to think with Christ in mind, but simply by their own unaided reasoning and being taught poor or no basic logic? Just from a brute numbers perspective, this clearly overshadows any Friday night worship and Sunday school and worship from 1st to 12th grade (~less than 3500 hours, if you count 2 hours on a Friday night, 2 hours Sunday school, 2 hours worship).. And even in those hours spent at church, are those kids being taught to approach their studies specifically with a Christian world view? No.. 
     Is it any wonder that our churches are battling with doctrinally and ethical liberalism?
     Let's take a quick example. With this whole homosexual marriage issue, this is a good example of disuse of proper logic on both sides of the debate (in addition to the overtly religious aspects to it)... Many Christians cannot comprehend why homosexual marriage shouldnt be OK.. Many issues revolving around the use of the word "rights." or how the word "marriage" came into being, and what the original intent of that word is in relation to man first appearing on this earth. Issues concerning what "equality" exactly means. All of these issues, when discussed using proper logic, are shown to be fallacious reasons for supporting homosexual marriage. But, no one is using proper logic (in addition to utter adherence to Christ and his word) with this debate and our country and our churches suffer as a result.
     And how many people are actually educated in proper logic? In terms of actually thinking properly? Dare I say, probably over 99% of people (Christian and non-Christian) don't know how to think in a logical fashion. I even see this in well respected theologians all the time. It is really amazing to me the fallacious and pole vaulting leaps in logic made to push forth a particular doctrine.

     Anyway, Gary Demar's video really reminded me again of why we all as Christians should be VERY conscious of how we are to disciple (and educate) our children.

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